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ABC’s Q&A and panellist gender

Following up of my examination of the political affiliation of Q&A guests, I have done some very simple analysis of gender on Q&A, based on episodes since February 2009. Two results stand out: (1) the average Q&A panel had 2.8 men and  2.0 women and (2) even allowing for that, a man on a panel had around 50% more opportunities to speak.

The overall effect was that around two-thirds of words spoken by panellists on Q&A are spoken by a man (excluding the host, Tony Jones, of course).


ABC’s Q&A and (lack of) political party bias

Q&A is a live panel discussion show, filmed before a studio audience, produced by Australia’s ABC. It is virtually identical to BBC’s Question Time for British readers. A few months ago I noticed that all the transcripts are posted online, and I thought this would be an interesting way to analyse the political bias, and representativeness, of the show.