Who was overlooked?

Now that I’ve highlighted Cabinet Members on the chart below, it is easier to see which female MPs are senior in Parliament, and yet were not selected for Cabinet.

I’m going to treat as outliers Baby of the Senate Mathias Cormann (2008, Finance) and holder-of-the-2nd-longest-remaining-portolio Scott Morrison (2007, Immigration and Border Protection). Seriously Mr Abbott, you missed a trick there: Minister for Stopping the Boats is 14 letters shorter.

Then all the following female MPs are as or more senior than a Cabinet member.

  • Bronwyn Bishop (1994, nominated as Speaker) – contemporary of Eric Abetz (Employment) and Tony Abbott (PM)
  • Sharman Stone (1996) – contemporary of Joe Hockey (Treasurer) and Bruce Billson (Small Business)
  • Teresa Gambara (1996) – as above
  • Sussan Ley (2001, Outer Ministry) – contemporary of Peter Dutton (Health/Sport) and Greg Hunt (Environment)
  • Louise Markus (2004) – contemporary of Andrew Robb (Trade & Investment) and Malcolm Turnbull (Communications)
  • Fiona Nash (2005, Outer Ministry) – contemporary of Barnaby Joyce (Agriculture)
  • Concetta Fierravanti-Wells (2005, Parl. Sec.) – as above

Source: SMH.

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