Borgen's fictional country of Kharun

I have come very late to the Borgen phenomenon, with the Netflix crowd. Still, I’m enjoying this Scandinavian West Wing with its occasional flashes of Frank Underwood ruthlessness.

And just as West Wing had it’s fictional Middle Eastern emirate of “Qumar,” Borgen has “Kharun,” a barely-disguised Sudan circa 2011. So barely disguised that the map of Kharun is actually a map of Sudan, with the letters K H A R U N overrprinted in a way that no respectable cartographer could abide.

Map of "Kharun," actually Sudan

Kenya stands in as the filming location for Kharun. Nairobi’s Kenyatta International Convention Centre is prominent in one shot. Of course, most of the action occurs in places outside the presumed capital, where the yellow filter is dialled up to 11.

It’s just really dusty in Africa. Even indoors.

It's yellow outside in Africa

It's even yellow inside in Africa

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