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Reflections on four years of using data to explain the world
What is purchasing power parity?
Four ways economists helped usher in the "post-fact" era
Growth slowdown (3): perhaps the mid-century growth spurt was just catch-up
Growth slowdown (2): GDP is a measure of a mid-20th century industrial economy
Growth slowdown (1): Robert Gordon's misleading chart
Growth slowdown: Krugman's 'Big Meh'
The cost of the last mile
Google's data supremacy: should we be worried?
What is the legacy of economics, so far?
Taking supermarket sociology (a bit) seriously
The fat lady sings for airplay quotas
Has Apple built a secret hyperloop across Central Asia?
Thoughts on: Code and Data for the Social Sciences
Big data in social science research: access and replication
Driverless cars, asset utilization and the peak demand problem

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